Saturday, 26 August 2017

August 2017 Reflections

The recent postabout wrestling with my prayers has got off to a good start. Rather than wrestle over every other word in the form of two people arguing, getting ever more heated – I do it every other sentence. This ends up creating a call & response type internal dialogue in which I engage more deeply with the meaning and intent of the prayers. It’s very similar to how I studied Mishnah (Oral Law) in which minority opinions are preserved and hence has this debate built in. A significant number of the prayers are set-up with this call & response and turning it in to an argument has added a surprising amount of depth.

On a slightly different topic – I spent some time at the beach recently. It’s not an environment that I am very comfortable in, hence I did some simple letter meditations. The ones that involved the mother letters and vowels may have had an effect. In particular the letters aleph (air) and mem (water) caused the waves to increase in height and power. If I was allowing myself a moment of self-delusions I would have said that it felt like there was a resonance with something far out at sea or the deep sea itself, as if my vocalization of the letters was a call and response with the ocean.

The last items that I wanted to post about was a recent chat with a fellow occultist on social media. During our brief chat we touched on the topic of what impact we may or may not have on others. There was a recent conversation that I had with an ex-colleague which did highlight an impact that I had on his life. He contacted me after a story in the news about a Google developer being fired. My ex-colleague reminded me of an incident where he told a racist joke and I quietly made him aware of this and offered to help him understand more of the history / context around the topic of the joke. My ex-colleague said “I could have been that Google developer if you had not had that chat with me.” So bottom line is you never know what the effects will be of your words, actions, silence or in-actions will have.