Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Magic and Wealth, part 2

Starting to Charge for Magic or Not
This was originally going to be a lengthy post about how charging for magic changes the way that people interact. This is based on the study done in 2000 (Fine is a Price) about fines at nurseries and the effects behaviour of the parent – nursery-staff interaction.

In a nutshell, if a relationship is based on a social contract (that may only be vaguely defined) and then the terms are changed by introducing a monetary element – there are multiple factors that change in the relationship that may not be anticipated and will last even when the monetary aspect of the relationship is removed.

For example, Jane does Tarot readings for her friends. To earn a bit extra she starts charging and expands her client base. Her relationship with her friends is impacted on the basis that some of their interactions are now about the money. Even if Jane stops charging her friends, the impact will last some time…

I have not done the subject justice and there is a wide field of study related to this topic. Bottom line is, think carefully before charging for magic if you have not done so in the past.

Money for Magic
Whilst I am not an advocate of charging for magical services, I do believe that teachers should be compensated for the time and effort that they put in to providing lessons and guidance.

There s a story of a team designing a new plane and a fault is detected in the wing that none of them can figure out. One of the engineers knows someone who has worked in the industry for over half a century and brings the man to look at the wing. The man takes out a piece of chalk, walks around the plane for awhile and draws a circle around the part that was not designed correctly. Afterwards they ask him to send an invoice and he sends them one for $500. Shocked at the price for a short piece of work the team asks him for a break-down of the costs. The man responds: $1 chalk, $499 for 1 hour work by someone with over 50 years of experience in designing planes.

Now the thing is, does years of dedication translate in to 1. actual progress or just time served and 2. an ability to transmit lessons and provide guidance? These are things that you will need to investigate yourself for each potential teacher that you may wish to learn from.

One more Thing
In case you missed it, Victoria Hanna has released an album. I hope one day to hear her perform live. In the mean time – I will just listen to her on my journey into and back from work.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Magic and Wealth - Part 1

There’s a story of two businessmen having a chat.

One man says: “I’m working on my second million.”
The other man is surprised and says: “That’s amazing, you must be doing very well.”
The first man sighs and replies: “Not really. The first million did not go so well, so now I am working on my second million.”

I am sure that you are aware of the phrase that states that when people are younger they are time rich and money poor. When they get older they become time poor and money rich.

Well, speaking from experience there is a lot of truth to that. It’s also a really good lessons on what to do and what not to do when using magic to aid oneself in gaining and maintaining some measure of wealth. If you succeed in for example getting a job with an amazing salary and benefits – but you work more than 12 hours per day… The question is: have you achieved what you set out to?

In Kabbalistic literature there are lots of segulahs for wealth. The thing to remember though is that a segulah** by itself is highly unlikely to be successful – you need to put in your own effort.

There’s another story of a man who lives in a valley that suddenly floods. Fortunately he manages to climb up on the roof. A rescue boats comes to take him to safety but the man refuses and says “The Almighty will save me.” Two more boats come and he gives the same response. Even when a rescue helicopter arrives as the man is clinging to his chimney – he gives the same response. Sure enough he drowns and when he gets to heaven he demands to know why G-d did not save him. The answer he gets is: “What? Three rescue boats and a helicopter were not enough for you?”

The lesson here is to be mindful of when opportunities arise or could potentially arise if you put in effort to play to your strengths. Judge how much each opportunity will affect your balance in life as much as your are able to, and try not to second guess yourself too much. Life is too short to carry around a suitcase of regrets or a book of grudges.

And coming back to the first story – don’t give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try a different avenue of magic within your chosen tradition/path. Supplement it with more mundane strategies for improving your monetary and health well-being. If you can manage all of that – the next step is to advance even further in your strategic planning, whilst also improving at your tactical movements.

** - spiritual remedy or protection t change one’s luck, destiny, or fotune.