Thursday, 13 April 2017

Mis-adventures in Magic: Part 6 Close Call

In small movementsin time, I tried to invent a method to try to dream about the future – specifically the next day. Here is the description:

“...My initial plan is to start with something that I consider to be relatively simple. I'll find a verse in the Torah related to time, then engrave, carve, etc. letters and see if I can "dream tomorrow" during the night to predict (experience in advance of my current perception of linear time) what the events of the next day will bring...”

Not so long ago whilst using this technique I had a rather disturbing dream. I say dream, but it was really something that came to mind as I was falling asleep and not yet dreaming. In any case – I saw a child’s arm as if via x-ray goggles. The image was not static like an x-ray picture but rather like watching through someone’s eyes who can only see what is normally visible with an x-ray machine. It was all in black (dark blue) and white and I suddenly saw that there was something wrong with the arm. The child’s arm was severed and I sensed a presence nearby that was frustrated at the careless sequence of events that led to the child being in this terrible state.

The next day whilst walking back from the house of prayer, I was crossing the road with family members including small children. Half-way across the pedestrian crossing I experienced the same sense of frustration and broke off my conversation to see that the car approaching the zebra crossing was not slowing down.

With a loud shout of “What are you doing!” - the driver suddenly slowed down the car to a stop. The startled driver and everyone crossing the road suddenly became aware of each other. I honestly don’t think the driver saw us despite the large crowd, perhaps he was using his smartphone. Most of the children were in shock at me raising my voice and I was in shock tat the fact that shouting at a speeding motorist actually caused them to stop.

Some time later as we sat down to lunch I mentioned the incident to the father of the toddler who had been nearest to the car. He looked rather surprised and said: “I had a dream about a car hitting my child last night, but thought I was just being a paranoid parent.” So whilst my technique may have given me a cryptic clue about x-rays and careless accidents, the father received the message in plain and simple terms...