Thursday, 9 February 2017

Biopsy of the Occult Blogosphere

Digital Ambler recently comment at the end of his article “Work, Lineage, and Auturgy” :

Given the general quietude of the occult blogosphere, and how so much has petered out or calmed down over the past few years (my own blog included!), I wonder if this is a sort of predicament-shift that is facing many people who got into magic around the Great Blogosphere Renaissance, and how many others are wondering this same thing I am now.

It’s a great article and the ending makes much more sense in context of the whole article. I personally think that the occult blogosphere has gone dormant for a bit and when the need arises due to changes in the world, it will either flourish again or go underground (so to speak).

Here are some additional reasons why the occult blogosphere may have reduced in terms of active participants and volume of output. This list is speculative (mostly) and not exhaustive.
  1. Ennui – It can be a lot of work providing regular updates to a blog with good quality updates.
  2. Death – I know of at least one blogger who died. He was a great man and I miss his company.
  3. Family – Changes in family circumstance such as getting married, having kids, getting divorced, becoming a widow(er) are all life changing events that can bring an active blog to a sudden stop.
  4. Success – Strange as it may sound, if a blogger has achieved a level of success with their magical practice where they no longer feel the need to track their progress in a public forum, they may stop blogging and even stop being active practitioners
  5. Social Media – The shift to interactions on Facebook has meant that the frequency of interactions have gone up, even if the quality of those interactions hasn’t necessarily kept pace.
  6. Responses – or lack there-off. Some bloggers need comments and feedback to motivate them to continue to publish online.
  7. Fear – whether it is via the Law of Unintended stakeholders (i.e. people finding out you have a blog on the occult who you’d rather had not found this out) or perhaps fear from success in operations that the practitioner is not able to process and integrate in to their magical world-view – fear is a powerful force that can eat away at even the most resilient of people.
  8. Books – some practitioners reach a certain stage and publish one or more books. Promoting books, even on occult topics, is in my opinion not contributing to the occult blogosphere. The only exception I have in this is people who make their living off teaching magic and hence I have some acceptance of marketing of their courses and books.
  9. Material – some people run out of material. Actually I’m not sure this is even possible, please ignore this entry.
  10. Mission accomplished – everything must come to an end, even a blog. If a blog has served the purpose for the author(s) and it no longer contributes to their life, what is the point in carrying it on?
  11. Egregore – if there was an egregore of the occult blogosphere, it has either starved or otherwise been done away with. There were times in the past when I felt that my blog was alive on some level and need regular feeding with content.
  12. Underground – lastly some bloggers join organizations that do not permit publishing of their activities. Whether it is an occult order or intelligence agency, mum’s the word and any violations are dealt with harshly.