Monday, 9 May 2016

Invite the others

Awhile back I had this crazy idea to build a TARDIS-AS. Having started studying Chayeh Olam Ha-Bah (Life in the World to Come) by Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, the proto-project is starting to materialise in to something a bit more solid.

A few weeks ago as I was catching up from Dr. Who season 3 to season 6, a curious comments in the episode Journey's End stuck out. In the attached link (containing many spoilers) it statesabout Dr. Who that:
He explains to his companions that the reason that he has so much trouble piloting is that a TARDIS is normally piloted by six people, and he has had to do it all on his own
 Which got me thinking, perhaps travelling in a group might be a better idea. But who? And How? Shortly thereafter I came across the below article by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, which made me think... can it really be that simple? I think yes it is. And now to do some prototyping, some experimentation...

Daily Thought
by Ariel B Tzadok. 
Copyright (C) 2016 by Ariel Bar Tzadok.  All rights reserved.

Today: Friday. May 6, 2016

To ascend the ladder to Heaven
is easy,
once you know
hows it's properly done.
To descend into the depths
of the unconscious
does not have to be hard
once you understand
what it actually means.

There are many paths before us
that are only hard
in the mind of the beholder.
It is personal perception
that makes a path
either hard, or easy to walk.

Your mind is a powerful tool.
Your mind is what connects you
to Heaven.
At the same time,
your mind is what connects you
to Earth.

Do you see it?
Do you understand?
Your mind is the ladder
that bridges Heaven and Earth.
The ladder is inside you.
The ladder is YOU!

You can ascend into Heaven
or descend into the unconscious,
as a matter of Will.
You have the power,
and internally,
you already know the Way.

All you need to do
is remove the many hindrances
that litter the road,
making your passage
seemingly more difficult.
We call this road repair,

When looking outside ourselves
all we see is chaos.
When loosing inside ourselves,
we often see the outside world
reflected inside us.
Therefore, inside us,
we also see chaos.
But this is not the way
it is supposed to be!

We should never reflect
the outside world
inside us.
Rather, we must always
reflect the inner world
into our surrounding world.
Inside influences outside,
not the other way around.

Yet, in order for the inner You
to influence your outer world,
you must know the Inner You,
and allow its clear sense of identity
to impose itself upon
the chaotic outside world.
The power of the mind is the key.
The source of the mind is the Will.

Think clearly.
Focus strongly.
Desire only that which is within.
Forget about the chaos outside.
Focus on the internal reality,
and make it real!
You can do this!
And why?
Because thoughts are things.
And thoughts are the souls
that come to inhabit
the bodies that make up this world.

Therefore, draw down to Earth
the souls of your choice.
Transform the world.
Rectify it!
Repair the road.
It all begins with,
and ends with,
the power of YOUR mind!

This is kosher Torah!