Sunday, 14 February 2016

New Project: 10 Psalms for 10 Days

The Aramic absorption project is taking less time each day than expected. Hence for the next 10 days I'm planning to add some Shimush Tehilim - Magical Use of Psalms. Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis' "The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism" has the following entry:
Shimmush Tehilim: "Practical Psalms." A 16th-century popular compendium of psalmsthat explains their theurgic uses.
Unfortunately that was not enough for me to start making use of them, hence I had a brief read through some of the explanations what each psalm can be used for at

Whilst there are 150 applications corresponding to the 150 paslms... I'm left wondering what would happen if multiple psalms were combined? It migh in effect be tzeruf (permutation) of psalms which may work in a similar way Tzeruf works with the Hebrew letters creating new results.

So after a tiny amount of digging on the net, I came across the Tikun Ha-Klalih (General Remedy) by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the grandson of the founder of the most recent Chassidic movement - the Baal Shem Tov (Master of Good Name). The purpose of saying the 10 Psalms that form the Tikkun Klali are mongst other things meant to help with depression. Whilst I do not suffer from depression, the "gnawing dissatisfaction with himself" that this article mentions is certainly something that I can relate to.

Scope: Read 10 Psalms of Tikkin Klali every day for 10 days
Time: 10 days
Cost: Time, approx. 20 minutes per day
Quality: Expect to see some significant impact on behaviour patterns based on the completion of the 10 Psalms in 10 days. Behaviour patterns are well known and established, hence deviance from said patterns should be easy to measure.
Communication: End of project retrospective.
1. Daily prayer is time-consuming
2. The effect of the Psalms may not have any significant effect on behaviour
3. The psalms may have unexpected transformative effects

Stretch Goal: Read the Psalms for an additional 10 days