Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Three Directions

In the Kaplan version of Sefer Yetzira 1:10 it states:
"Two: Breath from Breath
With it He engraved and carved
22 Foundation Letters
Three Mothers
Seven Doubles
and Twelve Elementals
And one Breath is from them"

The version that Rabbi Moshe Cordovero (Ramak) uses however states the following (my rough translation):
"Two: Breath from Breath,
With it He engraved and Carved
22 Foundation Letters
Three Mothers
Seven Doubles
and Twelve Elementals
He engraved and carved in/with them four Winds/Directions
East, West, North, South
And Breath is in each one from them"

The difference being the mention of the four directions or winds depending on how you translate it. Having read some of Josephine McCarthy's "Magic of the North Gate" recently, I decided to try an experiment of singing to the 4 winds.

So earlier in the year I sang to the East wind and made up a poem. Whilst there was more sunshine, there was not a great deal of warmth. The grass turned brown and the leaves on the trees remained small.

Then I sang to the South wind and made up a poem. Finally the warmth of summer came through. The grasses flourished and the streets were filled with lush green trees.

In the past week or so I began to sing to the North wind. There has been a fair bit of rain and the temperature has finally begun to drop after a really mild autumn that has lasted well in to November.

And the West wind? I have yet to sing to the West wind. But when I do, you'll remember me as I walk in fields of gold.

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Constancy of world-views

Recently I met up with a friend I've not seen in eight years. This is unusual for me because... well I don't have many friends and it was interesting to see how our lives have diverged over the years and yet our viewpoints have remained largely the same. That got me thinking about confirmation bias...

So when this friend sent me a story by Isaac Asimov called the Last Question (PDF and audio), I tried hard to read it with as open a mind as possible. If you've not read it - I heartily recommend it but don't let that influence your decision...

Interviews with Leading Jewish Scholars of Kabbalah

After digesting that little gem, you might also like to watch this set of mini-clips. Same caveat regarding confirmation bias applies...