Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September update 2015

Changing Time

This is a short note to self as a reminder of a recent lesson by my teacher. The way to change the past is Teshuvah , Teffilah , and Tzedakah.

Teshuvah is often translated as repentance. But the word actually means 'return'. As in, the return to the correct path to align oneself in the service of the Divine. Teshuvah can change the past.

Tefillah means judging oneself, weighing up how to change in order to follow the correct path. Thinking about how to improve the relationships we have with our fellow humans and with the Divine. Tefillah can change the present.

Tzedakah is charity and charity given in the right way is giving someone hope. Tzedakah can change the future.