Monday, 7 July 2014

Revealing Light, Responsibly

The past couple of weeks have been very painful. As my Rabbi put it... when our extended family are killing each other - killing children - something is very wrong. The question is what can we do?

I stumbled across the answer last week when watching a pod-cast on about Agile thought leadership. You can find the slides here, in particular slide 18. It talks about the journey that a person goes through from:
  1. Denial
  2. Lay Blame
  3. Justify
  4. Shame
  5. Obligation
  6. Responsibility
I've personally been stuck feeling "trapped" in stage 5. and it's something that RO touched on recently. To move to the last stage - the author of the Ideosphere posted on this recently - it's about taking responsibility for your own success and investing in learning.

The action that I'll be taking is to learn more Mishna (Oral Law) and Nach (Prophets and Writing). How is that going to help you may ask? Well simply reading with understanding by itself has a transformative effect on my surrounding and the world in general.

But it is also a plea for the Divine not to "hide itself" in the world. There is a level at which Divinity operates that is within the natural order of things, where the laws of cause and effect prevail. This is symbolized by the name Elohim. On the other hand there is the level of Divinity that transcends nature. This is symbolized by the four letter name of the Divine.

Taking responsibility is in my mind making a choice to actively engage with the Divine on the level of the four letter name that is beyond nature as well as the name of the Divine within nature. Hence my decision to put more emphasis on study, it elevates and connects transmission of Divine flow from the latter in to the former.