Sunday, 1 June 2014

Clouds, Lens, and Magic in the Blood

This is a brief update about the past week. I learned two things, one from one of my kids and the other from the land.

The first lesson was how to stop the rain. Whilst making it rain (and become overcast in general) works for me both in England and abroad - I have had limited success in stopping the rain. That is until quite by chance my kid told me of a simple incantation to break up the clouds. My approach had been to use sunlight to burn away the clouds, but encouraging them to de-congregate seems a gentler and more efficient approach.

The second thing is a lesson that I am still trying to grasp. It's very simply that the world appears to have (at least) one eye. The phrase 'eye of the world' - meaning attention on a global scale - may be more literal than I had previously thought. It was rather disconcerting going to sleep away from home for several nights and feeling each time as though I was lying on the lends of an eye the size of a country... just below me.

The third thing (rule of three) that I learned is that an interest in magic appears to be hereditary. My wife tolerates my interest in magic and it's not something that I share with my kids, but it looks like at least one of them may be following me some distance down this path...