Thursday, 8 May 2014

It must be Juedi

Finally... the blogger conversations of old are coming back. It must be a Juedi (Thursday) because the discussion is about Jupiter and its influence.

In a review of a Pete Carroll book, Gordon wrote
That’s an astral Manhattan skyline in the background. Praying to Jupiter has always struck me as waving a little flag as the Queen goes by. This is a god of kings and Rothschilds. It is Jupiter that allows Wall Street criminals to avoid jail and have you foot the bill for their crimes. That’s what kings do. Few forms embody having different laws for the wealthy than the rest of us quite like Jupiter.’ - Gordon White, Runesoup
Jason responded to this with a blog post of his own in which he highlighted that "Jupiter is the god of Aristocrats, but is also the god of Justice". He emphasized working in the system rather than against it.

Rufus, from Head for the Red blog, pitched in to say that life is unfair, but as wizards we have the ability to game the system and turn it to our advantage... which is my way of saying: cheat :-)

Next came the response from Hermetic Lessons about how each planetary influence has a lighter and darker side. Is it fair to blame the influence of one planet for all the ills of the modern world?

Chrisopher Bradford, in his blog Heavens Within Earth, summed it up beautifully (in my opinion) that it's about power and not morality. "Power has no sentiment".

Mr Black, of Razor's Edge fame, added to the discussion by pointing out that if the bankers had gained Jupiter's favour - then this was proof that they had worked to acquire that favour.

Andrew B Watt argues in his post on Jovial nature that Jupiter is about rules and not cheats. "It takes a pretty deep level of discernment to figure out when we’re making house-rules up as we go along, and when we’re following the Jovial Code… and the key, perhaps, is Temperantia." (simplicity of life)

And finally (for now), Rose posted of her own personal interactions with Jupiter. Thank you Rose for teaching in such a moving and eloquent fashion.

EDIT: one more addition to the conversation came from Molcoh, Eye of the Sorcerer blog, about his experiences working with Jupiter. "Jupiter's role is one of expansion & growth" and he reminds the reader that they need to work to create avenues in which the wealth can grown. Plus the fact that Jupiter likes jokes and story telling. This for me was a very eye-opening insight.

So what can a Trainee Golem Builder add to the discussion that has already included the response I would have liked to add courtesy of Christopher and Jack? Well, here are a couple of quotes from Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's translation and commentary of Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation), chapter 4 on how to use the seven double letters**to channel and transmit the influence of Jupiter in the world.
4:1 Kaplan commentary Hard and Soft
"...The seven Doubles would be used to climb the vertical lines of the Tree of life. When the initiate would use the letters to "run" and climb upward. he would use the hard sound, when he would "return" he would use the soft sound.
The Bahir states that the letters are the body of the script, and the vowels are its soul..."
4:3 Kaplan commentary on the Transpose of Grace is Ugliness
"...According to the Tikkuney Zohar, the harsh sound implies harsh judgment, while the soft sound implies lenient judgment.The good qualities would then be associated with the soft sound and the bad qualities with the hard sound. There are however some authorities who reverse this...."
4:7 to 14 Kaplan commentary
"...Most important are the relationships between the letters, days of the week, and planets and between the seven primary traits: Wisdom, Wealth, Seed, Life, Dominance, Peace and Grace. One can use the methods of Sefer Yetzirah, to attain or enhance any one of these by using the soft pronunciation of the seven Doubles. If one wishes to transmit the opposite, one uses the hard pronunciation..."
The world was made in such a way as to be unfair, broken and in need of fixing. Whether you choose to use the knowledge and skills available to you to help or not to repair the world and societies we live in... that's up to you. As Rabbi Chanina says (in Talmud: Berachot 33b) "Everything is in the hands of Heaven, except the fear of Heaven".

** The Hebrew alpha beita is divided up in to 3 mothers, 7 doubles, and 12 elementals