Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wizards in the Mist

(c) Steve Partridge, image used to illustrate the start of the path
Exploring magical paths is like following a trail of sign-posts in the mist.

Books are the guide posts, but we sometimes confuse them with maps.

Some people promote their books as if they are selling treasure maps, it's good to have a goal in mind but people should really try to create their own treasure maps.

Sometimes the books are just guide posts that seemingly point the seeker in the direction that they want to go, but the book just leads the seeker deeper in to the mists of confusion.

The main point of books, blogs, forums, email lists, etc are to encourage people to walk in to the mist and explore magical paths of development.

Crossing boundaries from the mundane to a deeper level of engagement with the worlds is what it's all about!

Sometimes we form joint expeditionary parties to explore the mists, we dress up in furs or robes and give out titles. But ultimately we must go it alone.

Can technology help us, as a community, communicate with better sign-posts than clay tables, parchment, and books?

Before we can answer that question, it's worth examining these definitions of community by Rabbi Lord Sacks.

My view? We're a tsibbur, a rabble... and is that such a bad thing?

We are the technology! Our bodies, minds, and souls.

Blogs, forums, email lists, etc are simply the sign posts we put up in the hope that someone will comment on them in our individual journeys.

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