Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Follow you Passion

For many years I’ve heard people give out career advice that can be summarized simply as “follow your passion”.

However, for someone like me – following my passion as a golem builder has not been very successful from a financial point of view. Adding up all the books, courses etc. that I have paid for over the years, well it comes to several thousand dollars of sunk costs that I had pretty much written off.

Short of selling my talents as a golem builder to create life-sized Claymation style love dolls, I had pretty much written off my career as a golem builder before it had even started. The only reason this blog carried on for the past year or so is that updating the blog had become a habit – and habits can be hard to break.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when a few months ago I was head-hunted by someone very famous in the music industry (even I had heard of them) representing a charity that promotes the study of Kabbalah in society. After several interviews, presenting some lectures and interactive workshop demonstrations – the society has finally agreed to hire me as golem builder in residence.

So from today onwards for the next three years I have been commissioned to create a golem! This comes as a great relief as the “life-sized Claymation girlfriend experience” business was very niche and to be honest rather messy.

Source: http://adayinthelifeofalemon.blogspot.co.uk/
So the advice was true after all, follow your passions and that ray of light you cling to will turn in to a torrent of Divine flow.