Monday, 30 September 2013

Rectification of the Roar

The Detroit Lions won their game in week 4 of this NFL season. Taking them to a total of 3 wins and 1 loss. This most recent win is a pretty big deal for the Lions and I have high hopes for them this season. They are going to get to the play-offs and then some!

My Rabbi gave a talk last year and repeated it again recently that the reason why the first set of tablets that Moses came down the mount with were destroyed... was because they came down with a lot of fanfare. The second set were brought down without audio or visual (or any synesthesia) effects.

In a similar way, the success of the Lion has Roared project did not last past the first season in which the project was run. Truth be told the 2nd season (last year) was a bit of a disaster.

The bibliomancy divination that I did before the week 4 game came up with a curious result: Exodus 12:2. The very first commandment that the Israelites get when leaving Egypt is to set and maintain a calendar. They went from being slaves with no control over their time, to a people who could now take control of their time. It also teaches that like the moon on which the calendar was based, they would wax and wane throughout the centuries.

The city of Detroit has been waning of late. Like the moon it will wax and grow once again. It is my belief that the Lions will have a significant role to play in the rebirth of the city.

An interesting lesson learned about supporting the Detroit Lions through meditation and kabbalah is how entangled I have become. For example, an oath that I broke probably contributed a lot to my inability to influence last season filled with losses and the good news is that I have since had the oath annulled. Reading certain texts can give a temporary boost but a heartfelt plea is much more effective.

So in conclusion I am and will continue to support the Detroit Lions. Now that I have a vehicle by which to channel my support, it just needs fuel to keep it going. The roar of the fans is the energy that will drive the team to success.

So let's get roaring for the Lions!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fear and Love of Other

One of the things that a trainee golem builder should overcome is the fear of "other". Whether it is a person, piece of writing, or even a haunting sound - it is a natural reaction to fear something unfamiliar that is not like you. However, the reason why overcoming the fear of "other" is so important is that if this is not done, then chances are that any golems created will be infused with this seed of fear that will eventually blossom in to a hatred of its creator.

The legend of the golem of prague, Dr. Frankenstein's monster, HAL from 2001 film, Terminator, etc are all examples of creations turning on their creator (note: creator with small 'c'). The question of why has bothered me for some time. For awhile I was satisfied with the answer that since we are flawed, anything we create will be flawed.

But recent meditations on the idea that we carry within us the seeds of our own destruction has moved my thinking on to the hypothesis that I started this blog post with. Namely that in failing to fully overcome the fear of other we implant part of that seed of destruction in the things we create.

The cartoonist Walt Kelly who created the Pogo comic strip is known for his quote:
"We have met the enemy and he is us."
So how can a person tell if something is created with the fear of "other"? I am not sure. One good measure may be to see what influence does the created thing have on the actions of others in the world? Is this influence on actions of others creating a benefit of society?

For a golem builder the action is the main thing, not the thought. Each action has an effect on Creation and hence is a minor act of creation (even if it appears to be destructive).

So I constantly ask myself:
  • Are my actions a flawed manifestation of my will?
  • Are they manifesting the fear of "other" and thereby helping to grow the seeds of destruction? or 
  • Are they in some way helping to rectify creator where the Creator left off to allow humanity to act as a co-creator?

Monday, 23 September 2013

Some holiday videos clips

It's hard to believe that I have not mentioned the film Bee Season on this blog yet. At least a cursory search of the blog does not throw up any immediate hits. Anyway, I heartily recommend this film for the simple reason that it is about a family which has some members who use Rabbi Abraham Abulafia's meditative techniques.

Here is a short clip of commentary on the film:

Whilst on the subject of Kabbalah links on youtube... here is another that has interesting comments made by contemporary scholars of Kabbalah. The thing that struck me was... why were no female scholars of Kabbalah included?

Here is a link to the bonus video about Living in Divine Space. I have a copy of the book, it's very good but very challenging meditation.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Reconfiguration of Imaginary Friends

For well over a year I have had the urge to write some fiction. It used to be a hobby of mine to write bad sci-fi and fantasy fiction, but that has fallen by the wayside due to work and family commitments. However, since Yom Kippur last year there have been a group of charaters in an as-yet unwritten tale who simply would not go away. It was almost as if my muse had got tired of waiting for me to start writing again and invited some others to campaign for more writing projects to actually happen.

Anyway, the group of characters stayed for awhile. Then they stayed for awhile longer and I even got as far as setting the stage for them to explore some scenarios and see how they would evolve along with the stories. But I never got round to writing more than a test chapter or so. None the less, the characters firmly refused to budge.

Anyway, a year later and it's Yom Kippur again. I'm trying to focus on my prayers, meditation, reflection on what I have done well and not done well over the past year. I've tried to make peace with myself, my close circle and the Divine. But those damned characters will not leave me alone and my imagination starts to run wild.

So I did something rather rash. I killed them off in my imagination.

And they came back an hour later. This time there were only 4 rather than the 6 that had campaigned for the past year. These four were more exotic in form than the last group, however I could see under their personas which they manifest that they were the same group of imaginary companions. To throw my muse a bone I read up on some fantasy information before bedtime and in my dreams the four reconfigured companions confronted me.

They put it very bluntly, which knowing how my mind works is the only approach that ever works. They hinted as strongly as they were permitted to that they were there to help me. Specifically making peace with some issues from the past. They told me that it would be very difficult to continue trying to move my set-point unless I wrote about events of the past and they were offering to be the vehicle through which I could work out those issues.

Reading back over this post I'm still left wondering if these characters are purely from my imagination and is my minds way of allowing me to access and process certain memories & feelings? Or if they are from an exernal source that has been able to interact with me in a more direct way (as opposed to symbols, hints and parables) due to the direction that my meditation & practice has taken in the past year.

Right now I'm not sure it matter if either theory is correct. What matters is that I write. From today onwards writing bad fiction will become part of my grounding routine.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Right to Mould Clay and Form a Golem Builder Militia

Challenge to form a meditation group

My meditation has stayed on a plateau for awhile now, about a year or so. In an effort to move it up several notches I have been challenged to start a meditation group. Unfortunately meditation is still considered something of an oddity in my circles, hence I was reluctant to go out and find or start a group. Anyway, Seth Godin has just posted about why groups are a good thing. So now I will work to start a group and have 2 candidates already lines up.

Golem Group Hug

Practicing Tzeruf

Another route to advance in my meditation practice is by starting to use Tzerufim. as described in commentaries (Rabbi M. Cordovero) on chapter 2 of Sefer Yetzirah.
Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis defines Tzeruf in his Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism** as:

Acrostic or letter re-combination or permutation. As a technique of mystical research, Tzeruf refers to recombining letters in a different order both to uncover names of God and in constructing incantations and other power phrases (SY 2:2, 6:4). It can also refer to incantations involving combinations of names of God with elaborate mathematical permutations of letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. This was the preferred ecstatic practice of Abraham Abulafia. The worthy ancients such as Moses, were purportedly adepts at this practice (Ber. 55a, Zohar III:2a, Sefer Peliyah 1:17b). Tzerufim incantations are used in a variety of theurgic rites, most notably in summoning angels and  demons  and constructing a golem. See ABBREVIATIONS, CODES
It's a bit like learning a new skill and will require a lot of practice before I become proficient in their use.

Translations of Hebrew Kabbalistic Texts

These are not getting very far with this right now. Might need to try doing this in a group too...

** - I quote this book numerous times in the hopes that you will purchase this excellent book. I get no reward for doing so, just the simple pleasure of knowing that more people use terms in the context of Hebrew Kabbalah with some degree of understanding.