Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thoughts on Love

The blogger Moloch Sorcery wrote a great piece on love magic, I’m a bit surprised that it’s not been followed up by other bloggers chipping in their 2 cents on the use of magic for love.
Anyway, here is the entry for love in the Encyclopedia ofJewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism By Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis:
Love: (Ahavah; Chesed; Yedidutl Chaviv). To be loved is a universal human need. For Jewish magicians, love really can come in a bottle. A variety of love potions and love-inducing amulets are documented in medieval Jewish literature (Naveh and Shaked. Magic, Spells and Formulae, 150, 177, 199. Also see Janowitz, Icons of Power, 113) One example involves a magic square with angelic names written on a shell (it is unclear whether an egg shell, turtle shell, or sea shell ins meant) with ink made from spices, using a bronze or copper instrument. Several love incantations involve casting a spell inscribed on metal or clay into a fire, using the flames as a magic analogy for burning passion: “just as this pot shard burns, so may burn the heart of…” SEE CAIRO GENIZA; SEFER HA-RAZIM; SWORD OF MOSES
As you can see there is a rich tradition of love spells in Kabbalah, however it’s not something that I have ever tried – hence I cannot comment whether they work or not.

Anyway, the sages in Ethics of the Fathers (Pirkei Avot5:16) say:
16. Any love that is dependent on something--when the thing ceases, the love also ceases. But a love that is not dependent on anything - never ceases. What is [an example of] a love that is dependent on something? The love of Amnon for Tamar. And one that is not dependent on anything? The love of David and Jonathan.

So here are the three guidelines of romance that every golem builder should consider:
  1. Look for a partner with similar life goals. If you’re not heading in a similar direction in life, sooner or later you’re in danger of moving in different directions.
  2. Look for character traits that you admire. Sure physical attraction is important, but it’s not what it should all be about. Eventually good looks will fade (see quite from Ethics about love based on a thing). 
  3. A relationship is like a garden. A small amount of frequent tending will reap great rewards, but if you leave it untended for too long – the weeds will overgrow the garden and you’re left with the choice of replanting your garden or abandoning it.