Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Mysterious Book about a Hidden Race Living in Darkness

Recently a friend lent me a book in Hebrew that had some very interesting information about a race of beings whose existence is both terrifying and intriguing. It’s hard to date when this book was first printed and on which manuscripts it was originally based. However one thing that does stand out is that the names in the book hint strongly at it being translated in to Hebrew from another language; possibly even from the language of this mysterious race of beings.

Land of birth
The title of the book references the realm of birth in which the main protagonist is from. It’s apparent early on that the race of beings is related to Fae. According to Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis’ “Encyclopaedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism” the term fae first appears in medieval European Jewish texts. There are similar such beings referred to as Kesilim (imps) and Banim Shovavim (changelings or shape-shifters).

First of three tomes on the dark fae

Anyway as you can see form the image above, the author hints at the existence of two other tomes that describe the lives of these amoral and sadistic creatures. There is a clear statement that this is the first volume and there is a clear mention of fae. The word next to fae is problematic in my opinion as it either means that they have fallen or that they are literally living within the darkness of the earth.
Whilst the latter option of translating the word may seem far-fetched, I have it on good authority that at least one Kabbalist makes mention of non-human entities living within hollows in the earth. The rabbis in the Talmud make explicit warnings to stay away from ruins and uninhabited places. Having read more of the depraved society of this race of being who may or may not live within the ground, I can see why one would want to stay away from any place that may be they slip in and out of our world.

Rabbi Selbeturah
The second-to-last clue that the author leaves is his pseudonym, a Rabbi Selbeturah. And most daring of all, he even includes a sketch of the one being who attempted to rebel against his tyrannical upbringing and escape. Putting all the clues together, here is the cover of this intriguing book.