Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Right to Mould Clay and Form a Golem Builder Militia

Challenge to form a meditation group

My meditation has stayed on a plateau for awhile now, about a year or so. In an effort to move it up several notches I have been challenged to start a meditation group. Unfortunately meditation is still considered something of an oddity in my circles, hence I was reluctant to go out and find or start a group. Anyway, Seth Godin has just posted about why groups are a good thing. So now I will work to start a group and have 2 candidates already lines up.

Golem Group Hug

Practicing Tzeruf

Another route to advance in my meditation practice is by starting to use Tzerufim. as described in commentaries (Rabbi M. Cordovero) on chapter 2 of Sefer Yetzirah.
Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis defines Tzeruf in his Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism** as:

Acrostic or letter re-combination or permutation. As a technique of mystical research, Tzeruf refers to recombining letters in a different order both to uncover names of God and in constructing incantations and other power phrases (SY 2:2, 6:4). It can also refer to incantations involving combinations of names of God with elaborate mathematical permutations of letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. This was the preferred ecstatic practice of Abraham Abulafia. The worthy ancients such as Moses, were purportedly adepts at this practice (Ber. 55a, Zohar III:2a, Sefer Peliyah 1:17b). Tzerufim incantations are used in a variety of theurgic rites, most notably in summoning angels and  demons  and constructing a golem. See ABBREVIATIONS, CODES
It's a bit like learning a new skill and will require a lot of practice before I become proficient in their use.

Translations of Hebrew Kabbalistic Texts

These are not getting very far with this right now. Might need to try doing this in a group too...

** - I quote this book numerous times in the hopes that you will purchase this excellent book. I get no reward for doing so, just the simple pleasure of knowing that more people use terms in the context of Hebrew Kabbalah with some degree of understanding.