Monday, 30 September 2013

Rectification of the Roar

The Detroit Lions won their game in week 4 of this NFL season. Taking them to a total of 3 wins and 1 loss. This most recent win is a pretty big deal for the Lions and I have high hopes for them this season. They are going to get to the play-offs and then some!

My Rabbi gave a talk last year and repeated it again recently that the reason why the first set of tablets that Moses came down the mount with were destroyed... was because they came down with a lot of fanfare. The second set were brought down without audio or visual (or any synesthesia) effects.

In a similar way, the success of the Lion has Roared project did not last past the first season in which the project was run. Truth be told the 2nd season (last year) was a bit of a disaster.

The bibliomancy divination that I did before the week 4 game came up with a curious result: Exodus 12:2. The very first commandment that the Israelites get when leaving Egypt is to set and maintain a calendar. They went from being slaves with no control over their time, to a people who could now take control of their time. It also teaches that like the moon on which the calendar was based, they would wax and wane throughout the centuries.

The city of Detroit has been waning of late. Like the moon it will wax and grow once again. It is my belief that the Lions will have a significant role to play in the rebirth of the city.

An interesting lesson learned about supporting the Detroit Lions through meditation and kabbalah is how entangled I have become. For example, an oath that I broke probably contributed a lot to my inability to influence last season filled with losses and the good news is that I have since had the oath annulled. Reading certain texts can give a temporary boost but a heartfelt plea is much more effective.

So in conclusion I am and will continue to support the Detroit Lions. Now that I have a vehicle by which to channel my support, it just needs fuel to keep it going. The roar of the fans is the energy that will drive the team to success.

So let's get roaring for the Lions!