Monday, 16 September 2013

Reconfiguration of Imaginary Friends

For well over a year I have had the urge to write some fiction. It used to be a hobby of mine to write bad sci-fi and fantasy fiction, but that has fallen by the wayside due to work and family commitments. However, since Yom Kippur last year there have been a group of charaters in an as-yet unwritten tale who simply would not go away. It was almost as if my muse had got tired of waiting for me to start writing again and invited some others to campaign for more writing projects to actually happen.

Anyway, the group of characters stayed for awhile. Then they stayed for awhile longer and I even got as far as setting the stage for them to explore some scenarios and see how they would evolve along with the stories. But I never got round to writing more than a test chapter or so. None the less, the characters firmly refused to budge.

Anyway, a year later and it's Yom Kippur again. I'm trying to focus on my prayers, meditation, reflection on what I have done well and not done well over the past year. I've tried to make peace with myself, my close circle and the Divine. But those damned characters will not leave me alone and my imagination starts to run wild.

So I did something rather rash. I killed them off in my imagination.

And they came back an hour later. This time there were only 4 rather than the 6 that had campaigned for the past year. These four were more exotic in form than the last group, however I could see under their personas which they manifest that they were the same group of imaginary companions. To throw my muse a bone I read up on some fantasy information before bedtime and in my dreams the four reconfigured companions confronted me.

They put it very bluntly, which knowing how my mind works is the only approach that ever works. They hinted as strongly as they were permitted to that they were there to help me. Specifically making peace with some issues from the past. They told me that it would be very difficult to continue trying to move my set-point unless I wrote about events of the past and they were offering to be the vehicle through which I could work out those issues.

Reading back over this post I'm still left wondering if these characters are purely from my imagination and is my minds way of allowing me to access and process certain memories & feelings? Or if they are from an exernal source that has been able to interact with me in a more direct way (as opposed to symbols, hints and parables) due to the direction that my meditation & practice has taken in the past year.

Right now I'm not sure it matter if either theory is correct. What matters is that I write. From today onwards writing bad fiction will become part of my grounding routine.