Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Free is Priceless

In the previous post, I argued that free occult literature online is not worth a great deal if there is no emotional attachment to the material that is generated through a struggle to acquire that information. I'm now going to contract myself entirely by saying that it's really hard to put a pricetag on the free information available online.

Google image search can be a bit random....
The information that I am referring to is all the free University courses that have exploded on to the net in recent years. Below are a few examples of free courses offered by these Universities.

The reason this information is priceless, in my opinion, is that they provide context about the time periods in which magical literature was written & published. Without context it's really easy to jump to conclusions and fail to take in to account the social, political, economic, religious environments in which practitioners in previous ages lived & operated.

Understanding context is priceless in my view. The fact that these Universities provide this context information is what makes them priceless. So if you have not signed up and started listening to courses - why not start now? Here is just one of many excellent courses.

Build up a course list of things that interest you and throw in some that you know will rub you the wrong way. Now you're on your way to a continuing education with a healthy dose of academic information to balance the information in non-academic books on magic & mysticism.