Friday, 28 June 2013

I Could Have Been a Druid

In a recent blog I wrote about why I am hiding my library. There is a balance to be continuously sought to work out how much and how soon I expose my children to the idea and practice of magic.

Introducing the idea of magic is something that TV has taken care off to some extent. For example, you only need to a quick search for “CBeebies and Magic” to see how many shows feature magic. For example, Tree Fu Tom encourages children to join in a somatic (movement) based ritual in the form of dance to build of 'energy' for powering a spell.

Had I known about Tree Fu Tom a decade ago or even earlier, I probably would have chosen to become a druid. Instead I ended up going down the default path of following my ancestral calling and become a first generation (trainee) golem builder.

There was a time when I was seeking a universal theory of magic. In particular when I first started attending talks at Treadwells bookshop and knew next to nothing about a path of magic. Since then I have matured a bit and abandoned the idea of finding a unified theory.

Link explaining why Tom needs you to dance

Anyway, looking back at ‘what might have been’… which my rabbi considers as little-known as the future… I wonder what it might have been like to be a druid? What other path might you have taken if you knew then what you know now?