Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mis-adventures in Magic - part 5: Lightning Sprites

You know when you're getting a certain reputation when a fried sends you a Facebook message that says:
"Should we blame the unseasonal weather on your messing with Sefer Yetzirah?"
It's been pretty cold in Britain recently.

I'll keep the write-up of this mis-adventure in magic brief:
  • Spent some time listening to music produced by Tesla coils over the course of a week on Youtube
  • Meditated about lightning moving as if alive whilst walking on my daily commute
  • Got distracted by thinking about an apartment where I used to live
  • Accidentally overlaid the image of living lightning forming a cube around the apartment
  • Got a call a week later from the people in the apartment, the fridge died
  • Got a call a week later - the cooking top cracked and caught fire
  • Asked for help on how to undo the damage I had inadvertently caused
  • No issues reported since reversal of the visualization
Please note that I have paid $450 for a new fridge and $500 for a new cooker top. I'm very fond of the people in the apartment, I whole-heartedly regret my mistake.