Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spiritual Jitsu

At University I decided to try out martial arts. After looking around a bit I finally settled on Ju Jitsu as it was described as “a martial art focused on using your enemies’ momentum against them”. That seemed like a pretty neat thing to be able to do.

Although I started and stopped Jitsu 3 times in the past few decades – aside from getting really good at doing break-falls – the philosophy of using momentum from other sources to my advantage has stayed with me.

Think about it for a moment…. As a practitioner you have various forces at work in your spheres of influence. Some may be acting in a way that you perceive to be benevolent and perhaps some as perceived acting in a malevolent way. But each is being propelled in and out of your life with a certain level of momentum.

The question in my mind is not so much: how do I shield myself against the malevolent forces. The question is really – how do I use that momentum to good effect?

Can I transmute a perceived negative in to a positive? Is it here to remove crud I don’t need, teach a lesson or just a way to slingshot myself to a better place where I can grow without encountering trajectories of such destructive forces?

A friend of my wife has a lot of bad things happen in her life. Nothing too drastic, but it just seems to be one long series of minor unfortunate events. I don’t believe that she is cursed or that she somehow attracts such things in to her life - even though she has in the past turned a small thing in to a crisis. Rather I see it as the Universe transforming her one nudge at a time. And she is changing; she is growing and getting stronger & more resilient. A greater impact in her life might have caused her spirit to buckle and take an age to recover.

So if you are feeling at a low ebb and wonder how you’re going to pull yourself up by the bootstraps when life has knocked you down or is just continuously dragging you down. Don’t fight it directly… the art of the gentle way (Ju Jitsu) can be used to channel the momentum of such things out of your life or move you out of their spheres of influence.

Perhaps I am not explaining this as well as I could. It’s a bit like describing how to perform a throw in martial arts and experiencing it. Having been a Sensei’s practice dummy for awhile in one group, I know the sensation of landing in a break-fall very well. Land well and you can roll to spring back up again. Land badly and you’re winded, disorientated and possibly in pain.

In the path of magical and mystical development… learn to land well. Momentum is power, use it wisely.