Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, Little Changes

New Year is not in my experience a good time to start something new. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s probably cold, dark and mid-winter has only just passed by. In a few weeks’ time it will be Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for the Trees, which is celebrated with planting new trees.

In Jewish Law it is forbidden to eat the fruits of a new tree for the first 3 years and in the fourth year they can be eaten in Jerusalem (see Orlah). From the fifth year onwards it’s OK to eat them wherever (ignoring for the moment the Shmitta year in Israel). Tu B’Shvat marks the end and start point for counting the age of trees.

Hence this time of year is in my view is a not a good time for new beginnings. Your body is still saying: store fat for the winter is not yet done. The ground is still too cold for planting most things and even hardy creatures such as trees should not go in to the ground until just under a month from now.

This time of year is however a really good time for reflection of the previous year and planning for the spring, summer and autumn. So here are some thoughts from last year and seeds of plans for this coming solar year:

  • Still obsessed with Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)
  • Finally able to do Hebrew -> English translation work without it being really painful, plan to give back to the community by releasing material later in the year
  • Managed not to get too distracted with other systems of knowledge & practice, e.g. grimoires
  • Experience is still the best teacher, even if it’s a bit lonely at times
  • Detroit Lions 2012/2013… worked well as a honey pot project
  • I may be addicted to magic, just can’t seem to leave it alone
  • Try to network more in the coming year
  • Plan to spend more time studying and posting responses than practice & learning from experience. Might as well be honest with setting my expectations from the start.