Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Project: Hack the Heichal (Heavenly Palace)

 I’ve just finished reading Rabbi David Cooper’s “Invoking Angels” and in the process of working through his guided meditations. Having expected a pop culture book without much depth, the written content and audio content is rather excellent.

So… having got started on invoking angels, I’m now going to start a rather open-ended project for the next year to try to advance as rapidly as possible in this area. As well as re-reading various sources such as:
  • ·        “Jewish Superstition and Magic” by Trachtenberg
  • ·         “Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism” by Dennis and
  • ·         “Sodei Razaya” by Eleazar of Germizah

I’m hoping that my research in to Hebrew Kabbalah will uncover more angelic summoning lore, as well as learning how to travel to the Heichalot, the Heavenly Palaces. It’s time to get out of the arm-chair again and do some spiritual sight-seeing. Perhaps even meet the Sar HaTorah (Angel of Torah) or Sar HaPanim (Angel of Countenance) along the way?

Scope: Learn and experience as much as possible in the area of Angelic lore in Hebrew Kabbalah
Time: 6 months
Cost: Unknown at this moment in time. I have some books to get started and in general Jewish magic does not use material components much so cost should be fairly minimal.
Quality: It’s going to be hard to judge the relative success or failure of this project (that should be a risk!). A friend has agreed to join me in exploring this area and overlap with exploring ancestor communication. If I have had conversation with a single angelic being and it’s changed my life, then that is the minimum criteria for success. The stretch goal is to get to the 6th Heichal and not say “Water! Water!”
Communication:  There may be some blog posts on progress. Main communication will be with my co-psychonaut explorer and of course with angels.
  1. Death. 
  2. Insanity. 
  3. Insanity, followed by death. 
  4. Complete failure (to communicate with angelic being) 
  5. Insufficient time to properly dedicate to this project. 
  6. Causing a fundamental imbalance in the world that will take 10 generations to re-balance. 
  7. Having a wish I made many years ago and now regret coming true via angelic aid (it would turn my life upside down). 
  8. Transformation in to an archon (is that even possible?)
  9. Writing lots of really boring blog entries that are all jus figments of a rich and over-active imagination. 
  10. Strife of the spirit (not so much a possible risk as a definite issue).