Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Project: Hack the Heichal (Heavenly Palace)

 I’ve just finished reading Rabbi David Cooper’s “Invoking Angels” and in the process of working through his guided meditations. Having expected a pop culture book without much depth, the written content and audio content is rather excellent.

So… having got started on invoking angels, I’m now going to start a rather open-ended project for the next year to try to advance as rapidly as possible in this area. As well as re-reading various sources such as:
  • ·        “Jewish Superstition and Magic” by Trachtenberg
  • ·         “Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism” by Dennis and
  • ·         “Sodei Razaya” by Eleazar of Germizah

I’m hoping that my research in to Hebrew Kabbalah will uncover more angelic summoning lore, as well as learning how to travel to the Heichalot, the Heavenly Palaces. It’s time to get out of the arm-chair again and do some spiritual sight-seeing. Perhaps even meet the Sar HaTorah (Angel of Torah) or Sar HaPanim (Angel of Countenance) along the way?

Scope: Learn and experience as much as possible in the area of Angelic lore in Hebrew Kabbalah
Time: 6 months
Cost: Unknown at this moment in time. I have some books to get started and in general Jewish magic does not use material components much so cost should be fairly minimal.
Quality: It’s going to be hard to judge the relative success or failure of this project (that should be a risk!). A friend has agreed to join me in exploring this area and overlap with exploring ancestor communication. If I have had conversation with a single angelic being and it’s changed my life, then that is the minimum criteria for success. The stretch goal is to get to the 6th Heichal and not say “Water! Water!”
Communication:  There may be some blog posts on progress. Main communication will be with my co-psychonaut explorer and of course with angels.
  1. Death. 
  2. Insanity. 
  3. Insanity, followed by death. 
  4. Complete failure (to communicate with angelic being) 
  5. Insufficient time to properly dedicate to this project. 
  6. Causing a fundamental imbalance in the world that will take 10 generations to re-balance. 
  7. Having a wish I made many years ago and now regret coming true via angelic aid (it would turn my life upside down). 
  8. Transformation in to an archon (is that even possible?)
  9. Writing lots of really boring blog entries that are all jus figments of a rich and over-active imagination. 
  10. Strife of the spirit (not so much a possible risk as a definite issue).

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Straw Man Idea: Feeling the Future

The seer Lady Morella, episode: Point of No Return, series: Babylon 5

"G'Quon wrote: There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities; it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope. The death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us. We know only that it is always paved in pain."
G'Kar, Season 3 ending in Z'ha'dum" (accent added by me)
At times in life it would be nice to know what the future holds. Despite many, many people claiming to know the future, few if any that I know of have been consistently proven correct.

In this brief post I will outline two techniques that I think can be used to get a sense of the future. I’ve tried the first and am working on proving the second.

The Destiny of One or Many

Before I outline them I would like to highlight that there is in my view a differences between the future of groups and individuals. The former is how a collection of people bound together by nationality, faith, or identity - ride the tides of history. The latter is about the individual future of a person. That person has a lot more influence over their personal circumstances but they will still rise or fall with the larger group, nation, people, etc.

The Crunchy Stuff

Technique 1: Get a feel for yourself in the Future

This technique is very simple in principle but takes a fair bit of practice depending on how in-tune you are with yourself.
  1. Relax, focus on your breathing
  2. Focus your awareness on where you are now, and who you are
  3. If you imagine your life as a long chain of copies of you stretching back in time, there is another line or lines stretching in to the future. It’s not a straight line in either direction and trying to follow this line is unlikely to get you far.
  4. Instead try to get a feel for what your emotions are an hour from now, a day, a week or a year from now. 
  5. Strong emotions ripple through time in all directions, if you are in tune with yourself then you may be able to pick up on these ripples and how you are feeling. With enough practice you may even get a sense for WHY you feel this way. If you cannot figure it out, ask your future self.

Technique 2: In Chochmah Consciousness Look Back

This technique is also very simple in principle.
  1.  Use Sefer Yetzirah chapter 1 verse 4 to get an understanding of how to oscillate consciousness between Binah and Chochmah consciousness
  2. When you are in Chochmah consciousness, the future and past are reversed. So look in to your past in Chochmah consciousness and you will actually be looking in to the future (if you were in normal Binah consciousness)
  3. Alternatively enter Keter consciousness and all time is happening at the same time. There is only a meta-order that determines the sequence of events that will play out in our everyday world.
Experiencing the Future Gives It Form

In closing, here is my final thought…. I don’t believe that each choice we make creates a parallel dimension. I believe that in the moment of now, there are a huge number of possibilities that we can choose from.

Looking in to the future they all exist in potential but we need to use our free choice to determine which path to go down, either by making an active choice or abstaining from choosing. 

Regardless, once the choice is made – all the potential futures at that point collapse and become one actual moment. So rather than creating lots of parallel world, we’re actually taking potential or ghost-like possible futures and with the power of our free will - stamping out one choice as the reality of now.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

This is not a project: Translating Sodei Razaya

 Whilst going for a walk with a colleague today, he commented how writing a book was a fantastic way to get lots of other things done. His experience was that the harder he tried to write the book, the greater the resistance he came up against. Even seemingly boring activities such as mowing the lawn or cleaning out the pond in his garden got bumped up in priority.

Hearing him say this gave me a great idea... I will attempt to write or translate a book.

In an effort to avoid doing anything but writing or translating a book, I will hopefully be able to channel all of my distractive urges in to getting lots of other useful things done. I'll do more meditation, write amulets, go to talks, visit museums. All in the name of 'research' of course for the book.

The end result will hopefully be that after a year the book will be no closer to completion than right this moment in time. But I should have grown quite significantly in experience and knowledge of practical techniques in Kabbalistic literature.

The book of choice is  Sodei Razya HaShalem by Eleazar of Worms. MySefer and Nehora both have the same description of the book:
A work of Kabbalah by Rabbi Elazar of Germiza.
Rabbi Elazar provides a study of creation stemming from the power of the Hebrew alphabet. He cites and quotes Merkavah and Heichalot literature. He then describes the realm and characteristics of angels, the Divine Throne, the Chariot, and the Divine Voice. The rest of the work focuses on God's names, the fate of the soul after death, the meaning of dreams, and a large practical guide for the creation of a golem.
You can watch a video of someone turning the pages of this book here. It will probably make as much sense to you as it does to me now...

Here are the details of the project:

Scope: Translate Sodei Razya HaShalem in to English
Time: 1 year deadline
Cost: None. Book already purchased.
Quality: To be specified, this is a first draft translation of the entire book.
Communication: If this non-project goes as expected, there should hopefully lots and lots of posts about anything but this translation project.
1. I may actually try to translate the book...
2. Having started the translation, I may really get in to it...
3. No blog updates are forthcoming as I get more and more consumed in the effort to translate the book...
4. Having completed the translation, I start to live as ascetic, 13th mystic who divorces himself from the modern world!

Regardless of the outcome of this project, the translation (if one is made) will never be published. The reason being that the point of this project is to be productive in lots of other areas of magical development: meditation, workings, contacting a maggid, etc.