Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Project Catch-up 03 October 2012

If I remember correctly I have 2 projects ongoing at the moment.

  1. Hebrew Immersion Study Course
  2. Leaping Forth From the Bashan

The good news...
Is that having studied Hebrew almost every working day for the past year and a half for 20-40 minutes at a time… I can now read the introduction of Sodei Razya HaShalem - Rabbi Elazar of Garmiza whilst only needing to look up a couple of dozen words. Not bad considering at the start of project 1 – I would have had to look up every 3rd or 4th word.

This means that I can now seriously start to look at translating the writings of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia and Rabbi Elazar of Garmiza. The former is the founder of Prophetic Kabbalah and had his work censored for many, many centuries. He writes in detail about how to meditate and records his own experiences. The latter was recommended to me as an author who wrote about magical uses of Kabbalah, which always grabs my attention.

The bad news...
Is that project 2. is not going so well. The Detroit Lions have won first game of this season and lost the next 3. This means that my project is failing at the moment, I need to take time out to work out how to turn the tide and help the Lions start winning. What I'm doing now is obviously not working and doing the same thing again and again in the expectation of a different result is sheer stupidity.

In other news...
As Jack and Helen have pointed out extremism is on the rise. The one email list that I am on has already had some threatening messages moderated away. 

If you think this may affect you at a nation-state level, you should probably be aware that this is not the case. Extremists are targeting individuals, this is not an isolated incident. I'd like to say that things will turn around soon, but if the information in this post is true - then the struggle against extremism will be long and hard indeed.

Somehow I don't think that shielding, cleansing and exorcism is going to cut the mustard.