Monday, 29 October 2012

Misadventures in Magic – part 2: A Flea Amongst Princes

This is one of those posts about workings that are harder to back up with proofs, in part because the work is still ongoing and any effects of my magic can be easily explained away by someone with a simple grasp of geopolitics.

If you buy in to the idea that each nation or people has an angel (or angelic prince) that rules and watches over them, then this opens the door to meddling in geopolitics in a greater or smaller way. Hence why this post is called “a flea amongst princes”.

I've tried to have an impact on this area in the past that has resulted in utter, utter failure each time. Then I changed approach and tried to send spiritual messengers and agents to act on my behalf. That did not work either until I created / summoned the messengers to be formed of the land in which they were to operate. This had a very small effect but one that was noticeable.

Following on from this I tried to see whether creating an agent to promote strife or peace would be more effective in countering those who sought to harm my more distant family. It turns out that whilst the agents of chaos are quicker to act, their effects are also very transitory. Agents of prosperity take longer but have a greater effect in cooling the fires of hatred that might otherwise spill over in to violence.

Not satisfied with the results of creating agents of chaos and prosperity & stability, I then wanted to see if the agents of chaos could be modelled more on natural phenomena such as storms or other severe natural conditions. Stealing an idea from fiction I invoked a rain of colourless fire on an enemy that tried to kill someone very close to me.

This brings the story around to why this falls in the 'misadventures in magic'. The results of the colourless fire working were successful, too successful in fact. The part of the world targeted was unstable already and the colourless fire work may have tipped the scale in to open conflict.

As I said at the start of this post, the effect of the work that I did is very hard to measure in terms of impact. If you ever meet me in person and ask: “Did you have anything to do with the situation in X?” My answer will be “No, I think that you're massively over-estimating my power and influence.”