Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No Pain, no Power?

There have been a few posts recently about whether the path to power requires losing things in our lives, friends, wealth, freedom, etc. and if so how much? Loss in terms of stripping away the things that we think we want and being left with only the things that we need. Jow is relatively unconvinced, RO is all for it, one of his students has experienced it in some way, and Lion’s Den lost almost everything.

EDIT: Frater Acher has a very interesting post to add to the discussion.

My view is that it’s a continuous process of building up things that we really don’t need but think that we want. Then when the Universe strips them away to help us grow, we feel the pain of that loss and don’t always learn the lessons that can be gained from such experiences.

One route of contemplating this cycle of loss followed by growth is daily prayer. For me it’s an opportunity to align myself with the Universe and reflect on what I actually need or think I need. Prayer to me is not a list of “gimme, gimme” supplications; it’s much more self-reflective and transformative than that.

Another way to prevent a large build-up of world-view “crud” to be burned away is to continuously challenge and try to break my worldview. I do this via reading blogs, books and attending lectures that challenge my ideas & beliefs in a fundamental way. From there those changes radiate outwards in terms of behaviour, relationships and interaction with the world at large.

Recently several things have happened in my life that indicates I need to get over my aversion of making contact with spirit entities. To be specific, several very strong hints have been dropped that I should pursue contacting a maggid.

A maggid is either an angelic messenger or a soul that has remained on a lower rung of ascension to Atzilut (close spiritual realm to the source of Divine emanation). Maggids can appear in person, but it’s more common for them to speak through someone. A maggid can also be the higher self, the greater “I” that is part of the self beyond the small ego-defined “I”. Is that the same as the HGA? I’m not sure.

There’s pretty much no reference to HGA in the very few Kabbalistic works that I’ve studied. It seems to be an entirely Western Mystery Tradition obsession. I’m of the opinion that Abramelin book is not written by a Jew - not that this makes any difference to how useful the working is. My views are based on one simple idea. The author refers to his son Lamech, which is not a Jewish name. Unless it’s some kind of code word... I think that it’s written by someone who is knowledgeable of Hebrew, Kabbalah and in particular the practical aspects of Merkavah mysticism and Greek Magical Papyri.

Anyway, that slight diversion aside… I will be over the next few months/years trying to contact a maggid. Wish me luck!