Saturday, 12 May 2012

Memory Ritual Follow-up

There's a story told about a village that has a problem that the people are unable to solve. I don't remember the exact story so apologies in advance for mangling the story. Anyway, the people of the village contact a local wise man and tell him their story. The wise man goes away to think about it. During his wandering around he sits on a rock by the river, starts eating a fruit and just then comes up with a brilliant solution to the villagers problem.

When he gets back to the village the wise man tells them what the solution to their sticky problem is . The villagers, curious about how the wise man solved the problem, ask him where and how he came up with the solution. The wise man tells them exactly what happened.

“Where by the river did you sit?” one villager asks.

“What size rock did you sit on and how did you sit on it?” another asks.

“What fruit were you eating?” a third villager chimes in.

The wise man looks perplexed. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because if we know where to sit by the river, on what rock and which fruit to eat,” the villagers explain slowly. “We will be able to solve future problems without your help.”

Right... so I tried out a technique that I described in a previous post. That being a technique from Merkavah literature to improve memorization.

For three days in a row, I said Psalm 63 seven times whilst holding a plastic cup with at least a 1.1 fl. oz. (33.3cc) kosher wine. After completing the 7 times recitation of the Psalm, I said a blessing over the wine, drank it and said the blessing required after drinking sufficient wine.

Wine, Psalm, count of seven. River, rock, fruit. It's not just the technique that matters but also the intent as Michael posted about recently.

It's been just over a week since I did the ritual to improve memorization. Since that time I've started a new job and have had to go from a job that almost drove me insane from boredom – to one where I have had less than an hour to myself all (working) week.

At the end of my first week my boss commented: “I'm amazed by how much you've been able to take in.” On a personal note, I'm simply amazed that I can remember so many people's names, a skill that I was really, really bad at 2 weeks ago.