Thursday, 26 April 2012

This is Not a Review: Joe Golem and the Drowning City (Illustrated Novel)

I started reading Joe Golem and the Drowning City by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden for two reasons.

Firstly despite there being a drought order in place in many locations in the UK, this could be the wettest April on record. Hence it feels a bit like London is becoming a Drowning City. Secondly, during a recent meditation session I had a vision of tentacles reaching up from the ground to the sky.

Anyway, the book is an illustrated novel – not a graphic novel. It's also very good in my opinion and only took a few hours to read cover to cover. The small caste of characters are well developed and even without the illustrations the atmosphere of the Drowning city seeps out of the pages.

The story centres around a young woman who is a conjurers apprentice. When the conjurer goes missing it up to the young woman to find him with the help of a golem. That and trying to prevent tentacled Elder gods from coming through to consume the world. So if you're a fan of Hellboy, this is one I'd recommend as an entertaining story.