Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Project Update 28 February 2012: Mostly Studying, A bit of Tinkering

Still have some translation work to do for first 30 pages of Abraham Abulafia’s Gan Naul (Sealed Garden, commentary on Sefer Yetzirah/Book of Creation). Went at this a bit too fast at the start and lost momentum. Must remember to pace myself and finish this project with a new & realistic end date.

Hebrew Immersion
This project is to go through Torah (Five books of Moses) with Rashi commentary. I’m now on my second time through. It’s improving my knowledge of Hebrew. The project is also providing new avenues of exploration for focused meditation, such as for example on cherubs in Tabernacle.

SYRC (Sefer Yetzirah Readers Club)
Although we’ve only met twice so far to go through Chapter 1 of Sefer Yetzirah; this project is off to a good start. My study partner and I are gaining new insights in to this text and sharing findings from meditation exercises based on what we are studying. Whilst most of meditation in recent years has largely been focused on channeling Divine flow through the Hebrew letters, I am now starting to properly work with the energies of the Sefirot beli-mah (without what).

The amulet that I used in a recent interview did not work as anticipated. Whilst it helped me to dodge a taxi fare, I did not get the job. However, the day before names were published of who got the jobs – I changed my mind and decided that I did not want it. Heeding a piece of advice from a relative “choose your boss, not the job” - I am focusing my job hunting elsewhere.

Wealth magic
This is something new that I’ve started to explore. Just tinkering and experimenting at the moment based on my domain of study and practice. Depending on how the initial exploration goes, this may turn in to new projects later in the year.

Mini-rant on Tolerance
Last but not least – here is my 2 cents on tolerance. To me tolerance means accepting people for who they are. It does not, in my opinion, mean that all opinions/world-views are equal and should be treated as being of the same worth. The proof of how valid an opinion or worldview is by studying its impacts in the wider world.

Some opinions when manifest in day to day life have positive impacts on people’s lives and some do not. Here is a link to a speech of a Durban III attendee which highlights to me the dangers of the very selective focus of human rights activists.

How do you decide which manifestation of intolerance to combat?