Tuesday, 14 February 2012

[New Year, New You]: Wheel of Morality Turn, Turn, Turn, Tell Us the Lesson that We Must Learn

Here are the things that I learned from each of the [New Year, New you] prompts:

Space, Time and Rocks: You have to know and be realistic where you are starting from.
Goals: projects are a great way for me to structure my studies and meditation, sometimes though I bite off more than I can chew. It happened on this project, but that too is a learning experience.
Relax, Don't Do It: Mmmm, chocolate pudding. I’ve become rather addicted lately.
Some Enchanted Evening: impressing others is a form of enchantment requiring no magic words.
Maps: taught me a meditation exercise in being brutally honest with myself
Glamour: helped me to recognize that people spend a lot less time thinking about you less than you might realize. On the other hand how you present yourself plays a large part in how they judge you.
Shoulder to the Wheel: When the going gets tough, it’s time to see what needs to change in order to achieve one’s goals.
Asking for Help: is a good thing! This is especially when it comes to studying ancient and hard-to-penetrate texts.

In Summary:
  •  Take a deep long look at yourself and chose one or two things to change
  • In knowing yourself, plan the best route to making that happen
  • Give yourself a break once in awhile, just not too often
  • The world is not how we want it to be, this means we need to adapt and for example dress better for success
  • It’s easier to carry on going through the tough times when you have friends. It’s even easier when they're going through similar changes as sharing experiences can be a great source of inspiration.
  • You are an agent of change, now go charm the world!
An artists impression of my Muse
Last but not least, the [New Year, New You] project encouraged me to continue to practice meditation and magic when I was tempted to take a break due to fear. Not from fear of failure, but rather afraid of how powerful and successful the results can be.