Thursday, 12 January 2012

[New Year, New You] Some Enchanted Evening

This week’s prompt from the Charmed I’m Sure blog is as follows: 
So, when we broke down your goals, part of the question was what are you going to do magically to make sure that your goals happened. This is the week to really focus on that. If you have a ritual you've been wanting to do to shore things up, do it. If you need to check in with your spirits on where you're heading, get going. If you've hit a road block, break out your runes or tarot deck or whatever you use. If you've been meaning to meditate, go with Gaia. 
Enchantment… it’s a tough one as I don’t really do spells, at least that’s not how I define my practice. Then again I struggle to define what I do sometimes. When I read Deb’s post I thought: “Damn it Jim, I’m a project manager, not an enchanter!”

Anyway, Wikipedia’s definition of Enchantment rides to the rescue with the following definition:
Enchantment is a popular Business / Psychology book written by Guy Kawasaki  . Enchantment, as defined by the writer, is the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization or idea. The outcome of enchantment is voluntary and long-lasting support that is mutually beneficial. 
So now I’ve got a choice of people to enchant, my wife or myself. My wife – to delight her – in order to make time & space to do the Abraham Abulafia Hebrew manuscript translation work. Or myself – to bring delight through some service or product.

Since I’m already trying to do the former as much as I’m able (in my current sleep deprived state), it will have to be the latter. So what this means is that I’m focusing on writing some “Introduction to Project Management” articles for another blog. This will help bring more rigour and discipline in to my day to day planning - with the end result of being more disciplined in getting the translation work done.