Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Year, New You: Prompt 2: Goals as New Projects!

Another prompt from Charmed I’m sure Blog for the ongoing magical transformation experiment. This post comes with 4 questions and recommendations.

1. How are you going to accomplish these large goals in your daily life? You need to start breaking it up into bite sized pieces. Our particular Experiment goes until Valentine's Day. What can you reasonably expect to accomplish by then? How will you do it? 

Projectize, if such a word exists. I’ve discovered that unless I package up a piece of work as a project and publish it on this blog - it just does not get done. Here are the two project summaries based off goals from the response to the original Charmed I’m Sure prompt:
New Project 1:
Scope: Study 4 audio lectures on Sefer Yetzirah and do 2 practical exercises  Time: 1st Jan 2012 to 14th Feb 2012
Cost: None, audio lectures on Sefer Yetzirah already paid for.
Quality: The aim of this mini-project is to gain experiential knowledge of Sefer Yetzirah. In other words - to transform my current theoretical knowledge of the book in to practical knowledge that results in new meditative and practical Kabbalah techniques.
Risks: Don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment. Other risk is that in the past I’ve burnt out after lecture 2 or 3 and got sidetracked by other shiny projects.

New Project 2: 
Scope: Translate 30 pages of Abraham Abulafia’s writing from Hebrew to English.
Time: 1st Jan 2012 to 14th Feb 2012
Cost: None. 3 books already purchased and numerous manuscripts available free online in Hebrew.
Quality: The aim of this project is to get into the practice of translating and comprehending Abulafia’s writing. The challenge comes in choosing which book and how quickly that knowledge can be turned in to exercises (which Abulafia is remarkably good at spelling out himself)
Risks: Hebrew translation skills are quite poor. Also, did I mention my lack of time due to job hunting and having very young children?  

2. What magical acts (rituals, spellwork, whatever it is you do) can you do to help you accomplish this goal?
I love theory, reading, thinking and coming up with clever connections between ideas. The hard part is taking that theory and putting it in to practice. Hence the purpose of the two study projects above is to come up with at least 1 new meditation exercise or practical Kabbalah and make use of them during the projects. The act of doing the magic is generated by the projects is what will help make sure that the projects are a success.

3. Use your preferred method of divination to figure out both what you can do to make sure these goals will happen and also to figure out what road blocks keep you from this. 

Bibliomancy is about the only method of divination that I use. The other method of divination is watching birds in flight. With bibliomancy I can usually work out what the general gist of the hint is, which sometimes feels like being whacked over the head by whichever tome I’m using for bibliomancy. The use of birds in flight as a divinatory technique… well, let’s just say that I’ve yet to come up with anything useful from this approach apart from admiring the beauty of nature.

4. Consult whatever inner or outer spirits you may work with as to what's blocking you from achieving your goals. 

Ah, inner guides! Internal dialogue is my forte, especially during lengthy walks around town. If that does not work, I get an angry phone call from Rabbi Bar-zel Aryeh Tzion who’s criticism is so cutting I have to wear Kevlar and chainmail when we have our infrequent chats.

Outer spirits that I favour are Smirnoff and single Malts from the Scottish Highlands.