Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Year, New You: Prompt 1

This post is in response to Prompt 1 of New Year, New You.

  • Space:
    • In my home we are fortunate enough to afford  a clearner who comes on a weekly basis. She’s very good and the only part that I am personally responsible for is my computer desk. Last night I tidied it up of the stacks of books piled high and I will tidy my snail mail inbox tonight.
  • Time:
    • This it a tricky one at the moment especially as we have a recent arrival in my family. I’m going to be more rigorous from today onwards and dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday nights to doing at least some (even just 5 minutes) of esoteric practice in addition to my usual daily prayers and meditation.
  • Rocks:
    • The big rock weighing me down is that I want to do too many things, go in too many directions and only have time for a few of those to invest enough time to have a decent level of success. So I need to park some of my currently planned projects and put them off by either 6 months or a year.

As well as cleaning my space, calendar and some negative thoughts… I’m taking a holistic approach and also cleaning my Body, Mind, and Soul:
  • Body:
    • This is simply making sure that I’m clean-shaven each working day, something I’ve not managed to do as often as I’d like this year.
  • Mind:
    • There are a couple of patterns of thinking that I fall into when stressed, I need to channel these in to more positive avenues and use the energy to do something practical right away instead of procrastinating.
  • Soul:
    • I’ll be doing a 1-day fast at the start of each lunar month, doing a bit of teshiva (return to the Source) and buying my wife flowers.