Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 14

This post was started near the beginning of the match between the Detroit Lions and the Oakland Raiders. It will be completed after the match as I've got some things to do. None the less I wanted to record that although earlier on today I did not have a good feeling about the match - that has since reversed. Hence I hope and pray for a solid win today for the Lions.

Final score: Detroit Lions 28 - Oakland Raiders 27

Edit (Monday 19 December 2011): Here is the post-match write-up of the preparations done in the run up to the game. Unfortunately time was in very short supply, hence the place-holder update above.

How Not to Do Research
Having read a bit about some injuries in the line-up for the Detroit Lions, I decided that it was time to actually become a bit more familiar with the game of American Football. Hence I rented a film called “The Replacements” and although it did not teach me a whole lot about football, it did make me laugh a lot and reinforced how important it is to win every game between now and the play-offs.

As mentioned in a previous post my bag of tricks is pretty much replenished in terms of using techniques to help the Lions. Since previous experience has shown that going back to previous methods does not always work, I used a bit of bibliomancy and came across a technique described by Rabbi Kaplan in his “Meditation and Kabbalah”.

You Are What You Meditate
The technique in Meditation and Kabbalah described as used by Rabbi Joseph Tzayach (1505-73) looked pretty straightforward… assume the prophetic position (place head between knees) and meditate on Divine Names of power as described on pp.165-166 of Meditation & Kabbalah.

There were two things that I learned from this experience.
  1. To able to bend my body enough to actually assume the prophetic position - I really need to lose weight! 
  2. Something during the procedure made me very uncomfortable and it was not my poor stomach. 
Spiritual Opposition
I felt the presence of something unfriendly and when spider imagery entered my mind, tried to reconcile it by thinking about how Charlie from Fringe survives just fine with spiders in him. Anyway, although the imagery was unpleasant it was not too bad although it did make me quite worried about the game. It also reminded me of having seen an ambulance parked in my street on two occasions in the previous week; adding to my general sense of unease.

Later on I’d planned to give some money to charity and study Jewish law in order to help create a receptacle to channel the blessing from God to help the team. Unfortunately my newborn decided to spill out of her nappies on to my trousers and hence my plans for study were foiled as we were away from home. Then when we got back I realized that my books were left behind on our day trip. Things were looking quite gloomy to me. Not being one to look for or read much in to omens - I none the less felt as though there was some force opposing my efforts and needed to take positive action.

Saved by the Cheque
An hour and a half later, having driven across part of London and back, I got my books and was on my way home to finally do some studying. I took an amulet for success with me for the journey just to be on the safe side, which was fortunate as I had a couple of narrow escapes on the way there. The journey back was thankfully both safe and boring.

Just then I get a call from a man who comes regularly to collect charity for a Kollel (a learning institution for married men). We arranged a time for him to come around and things were beginning to look up. Later that night the man came around. He blessed our newborn, we gave funds for charity and I finally got to do a little bit of studying. It was not much, but perhaps just enough to steal the game with a single point.

Quick summary:
  • Football research – fun but of questionable use. 
  • Use of Divine Names – not sure this worked until I made… 
  • Making room for blessings – perseverance led to study and charity giving happening resulting in success. 
 In closing, here is a link to the song from “The Replacements” (watch from 0:55-2:55) that made me smile most of this week and believe that the Lions could once again pull victory out of the teeth of almost certain defeat. It’s the fourth time this season The Detroit Lions won after trailing 13 points and that makes it an NFL history record.