Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 13

Today's match is against the Minnesota Vikings (again). Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing quite a bit of reflecting and deep thinking about why I'm supporting the Lions and what techniques to use.

I support the Lions because they've had a bad track record and I want to help them, that's it. Period. For the past couple of matches I've been trying to send blessings to all of Detroit as well, but I feel as though that is spreading my efforts too thin. If I can help the team a little and the people of the city benefit – that's just great.

As for techniques... I started off using Bible verses and some simple warm up exercises. Kabbalists believe that Divine Names have power and that the whole of the Torah is one long Divine Name. Contained within it are other Divine names, but it is essentially a cryptogram for Kabbalists to figure out how to access the Names that will allow them to experience the Divine in the most immediate way possible.

So rather than use only specific Divine Names, as I've done recently – today's meditation consisted of study of the Torah laws, some Hebrew letter meditation and a Divine Name. I finished off with a simple bit of Bibliomancy by opening the Tanach at a random page and line. It was in Haggai 2:18, part of a paragraph on hope and new beginnings. So hopefully this is a new beginning for the Lions to get back on the right foot from their recent defeats and a new start for me in my understanding of how the world works and my part in it.

Reading the first chapter of “World Mask” by Rabbi Tatz has also helped firm up how I view the world and how I believe that my efforts are potentially having an effect.

The final score of the match was: Detroit Lions 34 - Minnesota Vikings 28

EDIT: by curious coincidence whilst thinking about the strategies to help the Lions during my daily commute -  the same beggar has asked for money on two separate occasions. Actually I've seen him more twice but the last two times I gave him some money and shared a smile. Each time the Lions won their next match. Who knows... perhaps it the act of charity that is having all the effect? The sad part is that each time I see him the beggar looks worse for wear.