Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Interview, Amulet and Taxi Fare Evasion

Today I went for an interview, which was arranged at very short notice. Normally I'd do more preparation but this time that was not possible. Here is what my check-list would have been:
  • Plan:
    • Do in-depth background reading about position, part of the company, person doing the interview. Prepare questions about the role that show background information gathering has been done.
    • Practice answering likely questions, do some educated guesswork about what the focus of the interview will be about. Think of examples of previous work that demonstrates competence, skill and abilities.
  • Do
    • Create amulet for prosperity
    • Turn up to the interview on time, smile, be funny without being overly funny, be enthusiastic, ask intelligent questions and don't stress about any mistakes until after the interview.
  • Check
    • Ask for feedback
    • Check the amulet in two more similar scenarios to see if its success is repeatable or not.
  • Act
    • Adapt. Take the feedback, lessons learnt and experience and do something different and better the next time around!

As it turned out, I had next to no time to prepare for the interview so most of the Planning phase above was skipped. I did manage to quickly scrawl an amulet based off a post by Jacobus Swart's blog that he titled: “Amulet for Success” which I carried in my pocket but had almost no opportunity to meditate over.

Kamea for Success" from the Sefer Razi'el

The other thing that I failed to do was turn up on time. I miscalculated the time it would take to get to the office and ended up running for about a mile. Part way through I jumped in to a taxi, found out that I could only pay by cash and then convinced the taxi driver to let me out without paying a fare after getting stuck in traffic for a minute (turns out there was a traffic jam). After the interview I gave some money to a charity that thetaxi services favour. Perhaps the amulet helped me to avoid paying the fare...

Anyway, I called up HR on the way to let them know I was (literally) running 10 minutes late and it seemed that the interviewer was not too put off by this. The interview went pretty well. I don't expect to hear what the outcome is until the New Year. So this post is really just a reminder of the events and what I have to do yo improve on my performance next time.