Friday, 30 December 2011

Goals, Goals, Goals... Looking for Distractions

 The New year, New You project has just got under way and already I'm struggling. However, the ace up my sleeve to help get over the fact that I'm trying to do everything except this project is that I've already done a bit of reading up on the topic of motivation.

Here is the link again to a GREAT video on drive & motivation

As the video explains, paying someone more money will actually reduce their effectiveness (unless they're doing repetitive “algorithmic” tasks and do not require conceptual thinking). So unless you work in a factory, being paid more money beyond what a person feels is a decent salary is not going to get better results.

Basically what it comes down to is understanding your intrinsically motivates you. Achieving mastery? A feeling of a sense of purpose? Is it intellectual puzzles? The feeling of overcoming seemingly impossible challenges? Physical pleasure? Boosting your ego?

If you understand what internal drives you have – you can think and start to plan on how to channel those. And hey, since you're a witch/wizard/sorcerer/etc you can weave this insight in to your magic to get better results.

For me the following are options on how to channel my drive to make this project a success:

  1. Treat it like a second job. I'm motivated to be good at the (few) things I chose to focus on such as a career. To achieve mastery in a chosen field, the more obscure the better.
  2. Treat it like its a reward. Rather than think of it like a chore, switch around my perception of what is a reward and a chore for a limited time. This requires some re-wiring of established behaviour but that should not be too hard, right?
  3. Just do it! (bulldozer style). This approach means clearing my calendar of any other interests, hobbies, social engagements, sleep, reading projects, etc. It's do-able but it does lead to burn-out.