Monday, 7 November 2011

Project Update: Path of Dots, Fireflies and Galaxies

It’s been awhile since my last project update post. This is in part due there not being many ongoing projects and in part to moving away from posting about Project Management. I’ve set-up another blog in which Project Management as a life skill is discussed. This blog will remain focused on Jewish magic, mysticism, rituals and esoteric research & practice in general.

Gordon over at Rune Soup recently posted about “Anatomy of A Firefly” and one bit in particular struck a chord with me:

“This is why I put practical enchantment on equal -and oftentimes higher- footing than classical theurgy. Because every time you demonstrate to yourself that magic works in the world your universe gets bigger. A new oddly-shaped puzzle piece materialises above the box and clatters down onto the others.

Each time your silly little luck spell increases your good fortune, each time your card reading shows up the family member that is turning toxic behind your back, each time the money spell gets you promoted it’s like discovering that Giza’s coordinates are just fucking weird.”

Practice vs. Study
A year ago my practice time compared to research time was about 10% to 90%. The practice was a bit of daily meditation to get used to certain techniques but not to influence the world around me. Perhaps heeding the cautions a little too strongly, I was starting to take some baby steps.

Recently I started a project to support the Detroit Lions and it’s provided a great opportunity for trying out some new techniques. Last week I tried a single technique, rather than a combination. It worked much better than expected. My understanding of the use of Divine names jumped as well and as Gordon describes in his post “my universe got bigger, much bigger”.

Dots and Galaxies
Looking back at last year, my Project Management career was entering a stormy phase with job cuts looming. I went for a couple of job interviews and thought I’d got one, but it fell through last minute hence I had to take the offer from my existing company.

Fast forward a year and I’m working at the company that I interviewed for and got rejected from. I prayed to get a job in that company but the way in which it manifest was that my entire business unit was moved across. Over 2000 staff all transferred to the new company, with impacts to the wider industry.

On the one hand I could read in to that it was just a happy coincidence. On the other hand I could read it as: “my prayers worked better than expected, just not in the way that I expected”. Only by looking back on this now can I see the pattern and again my universe got bigger, much bigger.

By plotting a course for my Project Management career and linking that up with my magical career, I can now see how to transform the path of dots to a path in which every dot is a galaxy. Each one is an opportunity to experiment, grow, practice and reflect.

Perhaps this post should be re-labeled to: “The Birth of a Corporate Wizard”...