Monday, 14 November 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 9

For match 8 I decide to change my approach to helping the Detroit Lions win their matches. Instead of various meditation techniques, prayers and studying – I used a single method.

This method was using the 216-letter Name. It’s also known as the 72 letter name although it’s actually made up of 72 triplets of letters. Abraham Abulafia describes how the name should be used and Avi Solomon has translated the relevant texts in his succinct book.

For match 8 it worked. For match 9 it did not, in part because I was very tired when I tried to use it and hence may have made an error.

Last weekend I spent over a day with a loved one in hospital in what turned out not to be a serious issue. However, the experience made me question the use of this Divine Name for helping to win a football match. Hence in the future I will be relaying on other techniques.

Final Score: Detroit Lions 13 – Chicago Bears 37