Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 10

Despite having planned to make use of a lengthy Kabbalistic Divine Name of Power - instead I've found myself awake for the past 37 hours and ecstatic about the new addition to my family.

Instead of going through every vowel and letter permutation of the name YHVH as planned - I did a brief "tuning and toning" exercise followed by a heartfelt please to the Almighty that the Lions be victorious in this match against the Panthers.

Sometimes the answer is "no", but unless you ask - you're not going to get a "yes". I'll check tomorrow what the outcome of my request was.

Edit: The answer was "yes". Final score: Detroit Lions 49 - Carolina Panthers 35. A panther may be able to take on a lion, but when a lion pack works together they make a powerful force indeed.