Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 7

This week the game is against the Atlanta Falcons. Last match was not great, hence I did a lessons learned exercise. Two things that I forgot to mention were:

  1. Although I mentioned giving charity in the past, I failed to do so after that posting. This has not been rectified.
  2. I came close to breaking a vow that could have affected my meditation and influence on the Lions. I've strengthened my resolve and will channel energies away from activities that weaken my resolve concerning the vow.
Anyway, rather than do an elaborate analysis of the name of the opposing - this week I stuck to what worked previously:

  • Preparation meditation followed by Toning and Tuning from Book of Self Creation
  • Two simple meditation techniques using Hebrew aleph-bet
  • Angel Meditation (Creating harmony between the four elements) from Eye to the Infinite
  • Psalms and selected verses from Scripture about lions
Final score: Atlanta Falcons 23 - Detroit Lions 16