Monday, 10 October 2011

A Lion has Roared: Match 5

It's week 05 and the Lions face the Chicago Bears. Following the pattern from previous games, my preparations involved doing a little research on the name of the opposing team.

Having chosen not to focus on the name Chicago, I instead looked up the word for Bear in The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hewbrew and English Lexicon. On pp. 179 the entry listed the places in Scripture where the word Dov (daled-bet) appears. Bear in Hebrew means soft or gliding motion.

Having looked up the first few references: Amos 5:19, 1 Samuel 17:34, 2 Kings 2:24 and Isaiah 59:11 – I was at first dismayed to discover that the word Bear and Lion both appear in the same sentence on each occasion (apart from II Kings 2:24 that only mentions bears). However, then I spotted that the Lion references always occur earlier in the sentence.

But then I got a bit carried away and looked up the other mentions of the word bear:
  • 2 Samuel 17:8- mention made of a bereaved bear
  • Proverbs 17:12. - another mention made of a bereaved bear
  • Hosea 13:8,- mentions bereaved bear and then devour them like a lion
  • Isaiah 11:7 - bear mentioned first and then lion
  • Proverbs 28:15 - lion first, then bear and
  • Lamentations 3:10 – bear and then lion.
However, I'd like to point out that Isaiah 11:7 is part of a piece talking about messianic times when nature will not follow the course that it does currently.

So it appears that in Scripture the natural order of things is for the Lion to precede the Bear. So I decided as part of the match preparation to study the first Chapter of Genesis which only mentioned one Divine Name – the one that refers to G-d acting within the confines of nature.

Also looking back at previous match preparation postings, it appears that the following techniques generate positive results:
  • Preparation meditation followed by Toning and Tuning from Book of Self Creation
  • Two simple meditation techniques using Hebrew aleph-bet
  • Angel Meditation (Creating harmony between the four elements) from Eye to the Infinite
  • Study Genesis chapter 1wih Rashi commentary**
The other thing that I did at the weekend during Yom Kippur was include all the people of Detroit in my prayers. As the sages teach the gate of tears is never closed. Just make sure they are real tears!

If you like to help the people of Detroit (as Kid Rock did in May), here are a couple of listings (1, 2)of local charities. As with all giving to charity my rule of thumb is research them well and then give generously. The Rabbis teach that giving charity is like salting meat in that it helps to preserve your earnings.

** - This is the next portion to be studied in my Hebrew Immersion project, so that works out nicely.

Edit: final score Lions 24 - Bears 13. Thank G-d the natural order was maintained in this instance with the Lions leading and the Bears left bereft.