Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lessons Learnt from Detroit Lions match versus San Francisco 49ers

This is a brief lessons learned about what I may / may not have done wrong to affect the Detroit Lions game against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday 16th October 2011. See: A Lion Has Roared: Match 6

  1. Ignored a warning about use of Water
  2. Tried to influence one over the other of things from same source
  3. Uncertainty about how good a match the Biblical verse was
  4. Too specific about desire for outcome of results

1. Last week a washing machine which a friend is using and that I own broke down. It’s now being replaced, but it should have given me pause before deciding to use the verse about one of the rivers from Eden. The message to me was “a flow of water has been stopped, take note!”

 2. Trying to promote the river Pishon over the river Gichon in hindsight may not have been such a great idea. They have the same source and although everything ultimately comes from the same source, these concepts of Edenic Rivers may have been too tightly coupled. Also, affecting Edenic rivers may be a little beyond my current abilities.

3. Re-reading the Biblical verse from Genesis chapter 2 verse 11 about the river Pishon…. It mentions gold in the same sentence as the river. I should have thought more about this as it could be interpreted that by promoting the river Pishon I was also promoting the gold, i.e. the 49ers.

4. By describing the Lions as encircling the 49ers as the river Pishon does the gold in Genesis 2:11 I may have been too specific about how the outcome might manifest.

In future I will limit myself to promoting the Lions and possibly looking in to weaknesses of opposing teams based on their names and histories. However, I will not be describing how the success will manifest (unless I have a really good insight and am feeling like gambling on not having a list for results).