Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fear of Thoughtforms

I’m posting 3 posts today as it is the last part of the Sukkoth Festival starts tonight. This post should be taken with a pinch of salt, tongue in cheek, in other words not entirely seriously. Some of the content is very serious – you decide.


When asked recently what I’m afraid of I answered: “Crocodiles… oh and thought forms”

“Thoughtforms”, came the puzzled response. “What are those?”

Well… rather than explain what a thoughform is, here is the Wikipedia version:

A thoughtform is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a tulpa in Tibetan mysticism.[1] Its concept is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magic.[2]

I recommend this book (as one of the few books I’ve read in this area):

Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation” by David Michael Cunningham, Taylor Ellwood, T. Amanda R. Wagener.

Vampiric thoughforms

A few years ago I tried creating a thoughtform. I gave it a form, a name and a purpose. The purpose of the thoughtform was to enhance healing rates. It then proceeded to make me ill very quickly to the extent that I spent the next couple of days systematically taking it apart.

After that experience I decided not to create any more thoughtforms. The other effect of this experience was that I stopped writing fiction.

Which brings me around to the initial conversation in which I mentioned fear of thoughtforms; it was only at that point that I made the connection between my fear and lack of creative output in terms of fiction.

Digging into it a bit further I found that in the past I’ve often thought of situations to build a story around. Think of it like setting up a stage for a show with propos, scenes and a general context within which the story will unfold. Then as I write the story the character come to life and often the story takes turns that I had not anticipated at the start.

Sounds great? Well when it works I have found the results very entertaining (as have some of the few people I’ve shared my fiction with). But now I realize that although characters in fiction are (probably) not thoughtforms, I’ve unconsciously shied away from writing more fiction for fear that they’ll come alive in some way and interact with my life in a negative manner.

To overcome this fear I’ve decided that after two major upcoming events (lecture and addition to the family) I should get back in to writing. Perhaps I’ll write about thoughtforms and crocodiles! If you are inclined to have me waste more of your life by publishing a story or two, please be patient until the start f next year.