Friday, 2 September 2011

Spirits, HGA, Fevers, Stomach Ache and Who Is For Real?

As mentioned in a previous post, there’s been some discussion in the blogosphere about HGA and other entities. Mostly it’s been very educational. Since I know about as much about spirits as I do about molecular biology, please take anything I say on this subject with a big pinch of salt.

Having qualified my level f ignorance, I’d like to bring up an interesting synchronicity in some other blogs that I read. The question that the blogger asked was; how can you tell the difference between a Torah sage and a Kabbalist?

A Torah sage is someone learned in esoteric Jewish texts and commentaries. This includes the Torah (Five Books of Moses), Nach (Prophets and Writings), Talmud (Oral law consisting of Mishnah and Gemarra), Halachah (Jewish Law).

A Kabbalist is someone learned in esoteric Jewish knowledge. Often the interest in Kabbalah is mainly from a theoretical point of view, but there are plenty of people today claiming to have certain powers based from their knowledge and practice of Kabbalah.

Which brings us back to the original question and ties in to the question: “How do you know if someone has K&C of HGA?”

A couple of blog posters have mentioned this interesting analogy that crystallizes my view on: “How do you test what is going on in someone’s spiritual endeavours?”

The story goes that a learned man once said that a Torah scholar is like a fever, and a Kabbalist is like a stomachache. A fever can be tested using a thermometer, but it’s much more difficult to tell whether someone who claims to have a stomach ache actually has one or not.

In the same way as it’s possible to test if someone’s is a Torah scholar, it’s not possible to test if someone is a Kabbalist or not. I believe that this principle can be applied to practitioners of all paths and traditions.

I’m not denying that people have powers and that they can demonstrate those. What I am saying though is that seeing a display of power and knowing how that has come about and through what means is a different matter altogether.

So if someone tells you they have K&C with their HGA or other entity, can you say with 100% certainty if they are lying or not?

If your answer is YES, do you by any chance also know what the cure for IBS is?