Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 3

It's been a buy week and I've not had much time to think about and prepare for the match between the Detroit Lions ( and the Minnesota Vikings (

On Thursday something happened that made me feel quite fearful for the outcome of the match. So I fasted for over half a day and tried to find a different interpretation to the name of the Minnesota Vikings to the one that I'd come up with earlier in the week.

You see, I took the name Minnesota Vikings and tried to break it down to see what it might mean in Hebrew. The word “Sota” refers to a woman who is suspected of being a wayward wife (see Numbers 5: 11-31). In the Torah it refers to a woman who has been warned by her husband and then been secluded with another man (during which extra-marital relations may have taken place).

What happens is that the woman is taken to the Kohen (priest) and asked to confess, if she refuses her hair is cut. If she refuses to confess again she is made to drink water mixed with soil from the Temple ground combined with a curse from a scroll: (Numbers 5:23) “The Kohen shall inscribe these curses on a scroll and erase it into bitter waters.”

If she is guilty... (Numbers 5:27) “He shall cause her to drink the water, and it shall be that had become defiled and had committed treachery against her husband, the waters cause curse shall come into her for bitterness, and her stomach shall be distended and her thigh shall collapse, and the woman shall become a curse amidst her people”.

In other words, this is a supernatural (outside the normal laws of nature and only such lethal punishment in Scripture) that causes her and the man she committed adultery with to both have their private parts swell up and kill them.

If on the other hand she is innocent, then she is blessed and will conceive a child. (Numbers 5:28) “But if the woman has not become defiled, and she is pure, then she shall be proven innocent and she shall bear seed.”

Now back to the name of the team Minnesota Vikings. As explained above, “sota” refers to a woman who is suspected of having an extramarital affair. “Min” means 'from'.

For Vikings I was a bit stuck. They struck me as the kind of people who might not be so civil if they were secluded with a person's wife. So I thought that perhaps the name could be twisted to mean: “wayward woman secluded with randy Norse-man”.

Anyway, the pre-match meditation that I did to support the Detroit Lions was as follows:
  1. Simple letter meditation (based on Abulafia technique)
  2. Followed by other simple Hebrew letters meditation
  3. Angel Meditation (Creating harmony between the four elements) from “Eye to the Infinite”
  4. Studied Numbers 5:11-31
  5. I thought to recite some Psalms next. When I opened the Tanach to the Book of Daniel 3:13-30 which relates the miraculous survival of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego in the furnace having been thrown in there by the command of Nebuchadnezzar; I studied that instead.

At the time of writing this blog entry, the Detroit Lions are 20-0 down. Perhaps they will be saved from the fire of a shameful defeat. Then again, perhaps the Norse-men have not been wayward and will be blessed with success.

There is one more thing I'm going to do to try to save the day, elevating joy in my home.

Edit: Final score Lions 26 - Vikings 23 ( Which to me shows the power of joy, that the Vikings are far from wayward and that one should not rely on miracles to be saved from the fire - but to be immensely grateful when it does happen.