Monday, 12 September 2011

A Lion Has Roared: Match 1

Yesterday was the first game of the NFL season with my new favourite team the Detroit Lions playing away against Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Using Google Translate to come up with the Hebrew for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it came up with the following: טמפה ביי שודד ים (Letters are: tet-mem-peh-heh bet-yud-yud shin-dalet-vav-dalet yud-mem)

According to Klein’s dictionary the word Shoded (Shin-dalet-vav-dalet) means:
Adj. 1 devastated, destroyed, ruined, 2 slain 3 MH broken, depressed 
MH stands for Medieval Hebrew. The word shin-dalet-vav-dalet is used in Psalm 137.

Looking at the name “Buccaneer” in Hebrew - I saw that contained the seeds of the team’s undoing. In other words the same word that gave the team an identity and strength also could be turned to mean that the team’s spirit be broken. I aware that this reasoning is probably not coming across well, but this was an intuitive connection that I made rather than one on cold logic.

So here is what I did in preparation for the match (approximately 1 hour):
  • Preparatory meditation from Book of Self Creation 
  • Toning and tuning the body meditation from Book of Self Creation 
  • Simple Abulafia letter meditation as described in Abraham Abulafia: Meditations on the Divine Name 
  • Studied scripture (Tanach – Samuel 1 chapters 7-9)
  • Recited prayer: Psalms 138-128, (chose 138 as starter since 137 contains word “Sh-du-dah”, same root as word shin-dalet-dalet), reversing order of Psalms connected to next step 
  • On paper and in imagination removed letters of the name of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Hebrew, taking away one letter each time. This was connected to breaking the team’s strength so that even if the Lions were behind in the first part of the match – they would gain momentum and win the match (as long as they did not mess up towards the end). 
  • Studied Jewish law: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (laws of blessings on food, no special significance) 

I had a painful headache later in the evening. Not sure if it was related to this or  lack of sleep.

Anyway, if you ask me whether the above had any influence or effect in the outcome of the match my honest answer is “I have no idea”. Studying scripture, law and reciting Psalms all have merit. If praying and studying before a match becomes part of my business as usual this is certainly a good thing in my opinion.

I looked up the result on Sunday night. The outcome of the match was Detroit Lions 27 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20.